Remembering Rachel

A letter from Rachel's Father...

          January 31, 1996, my daughter, Rachel Marie Mellon Skemp disappeared from her home in Bolingbrook, Illinois. Despite weather that was twenty degrees below zero, Rachel's winter clothes, purse, shoes, and coat were not taken.

          Thirteen and one half years have passed since Rachel's disappearance. Despite all of our efforts, Rachel is still missing. Remembering Rachel is a place where friends and family can share their stories and pictures while helping Rachel "come to life" for those who never knew her:

          For those of you who never met Rachel, it is my hope that Remembering Rachel will help you remember and help all of the missing children still waiting to be found.

         The only contributions I am asking for are Memories of Rachel. Please send any other donations directly to the National Center for Missing and Exploited Children. Any offers of help, especially any tips to help find Rachel should be sent directly to the Bolingbrook Police .

          Many thanks to A T & T Broadband 's Skip Lanham for making the best possible videotape copies of a dark orignial, capturing a photo of Rachel from the video made 11 days before she disappeared and for converting "Rachel's Song" into a wav file. Thank you to Philip Roeglin for donating his beautiful composition "Rachel's Song" as background music on the BCT-6 video program about Rachel's Tree Ceremony. Many thanks to Kevin Jones of Affordable Time Capsules for donating Rachel's time capsule.

          Thank you to Royco, for hosting and maintaining A special thanks to Rachel's Music Teacher for videotaping Rachel just 20 days before Rachel's disappearance.

          Lastly, a very special thank you to Rachel's Best Friend: Thank you for being the first to share your pictures, poems, stories and your video of Rachel taped just 11 days before Rachel's disappearance.

         Thank you for Remembering Rachel.


Jeffrey L. Skemp

Father of Rachel Marie Mellon Skemp