In Memory of

Rachel Marie Mellon Skemp

First Baptist Church

Maywood , Illinois

Service was held January 28, 2006

Remembering Rachel Mellon

Born:  October 13, 1982

Missing:  January 31, 1996

Rachel Marie arrived on this world early on Tuesday morning, October 13, 1982 . She was born in Melrose Park , Illinois to parents Amy and Jeff Skemp. Rachel seemed to have been born with a smile permanently etched upon her face.

Both of Rachel's parents were youth leaders here at First Baptist Church . Rachel quickly became mascot of the youth group.

At the age of three Rachel's Parents separated and Rachel moved to Bolingbrook where she became a part of the Mellon family in addition to the Skemp family. Rachel attended Tibbott Elementary School and B. J. Ward Middle School in Bolingbrook where she was an honor student. While at Tibbott, she became close friends with a small group that remained extremely tight until Rachel's disappearance. This group consisted of Carrie, Chris, Jenny, John, Matt and Steve.

In 1991 while spending a week at Camp Grow in Wisconsin Rachel accepted Christ as her savior and became a Christian. She was baptized here at First Baptist Church by Dr. Frank Peoples shortly thereafter.

Rachel was a goofy, joyful child all of her years here on the earth. Always singing, dancing, and using her creative spirit to make those around her laugh. We all miss Rachel's spirit, smile, and unbridled joy. We are truly blessed to have known her.

On a frigid day ten years ago, Rachel mysteriously disappeared. There has been no sign of her since.     

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